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Email analytics and reporting

Use email marketing analytics to pinpoint your marketing strategy

Without a clear view of how your contacts are engaging with your campaigns, your sales team will struggle to craft the perfect marketing strategy that turns prospects into deals.

Enter Pipedrive Campaigns’ email analytics tool. Track your email performance over time and by location, monitor delivery and bounce rate and see who’s most responsive to your marketing messages, so you can better strategize and improve conversion rates.

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Pipedrive’s email analytics tool

What to look for in an email analytics tool

Here are some key things a good email analytics tool should do:

  • Track email delivery status: It’s important to know how many of your emails are getting where they need to, as well as how many have “bounced” or been reported as spam.

  • Track data showing campaign performance over time: Your sales team needs to be on top of email performance so they can hone their strategy and figure out which leads are likely to turn into deals. With Pipedrive’s email analytics reports, you can get real-time updates on how many clicks and opens your campaign emails are getting.

  • Monitor link performance: You need to know if your contacts are interested in the content of your emails. A good marketing analytics reporting tool will measure how people are engaging with the links embedded in your campaigns.

  • Display contact and engagement data in one place: Your email analytics tool should integrate contact and engagement data to make it easy to see who’s engaging with each campaign.


Monitor opening rates and click-through rates to gain insight into who is engaging with your emails


Make sure your content is being delivered to the right audience – otherwise, your hottest leads could be missing out

Performance over time

Get real-time updates about how your campaigns are performing, so you can change your marketing strategy to fit

Links performance

See how your contacts are engaging with links embedded in your emails

Who is unsubscribing

Track “subscribed” and “unsubscribed” contacts to stay compliant with GDPR

Recipients tab

Check which contacts have engaged with your campaigns and how


Trace how many emails weren’t delivered successfully – also known as the “bounce rate”

Contact and engagement data

Keep track of who’s interacting with your campaigns and how they’re interacting

Pipedrive’s email analytics software

Pipedrive’s email analytics features allow you to track the success of your email campaigns, giving your sales team valuable insights to help them stay on top of the game.

All you have to do is enable engagement tracking to let Campaigns by Pipedrive see exactly how subscribers are engaging with your emails. You’ll then get access to a myriad of data telling you who’s opening your emails, as well as who’s clicking the links inside them.

These numbers will be shown as percentages, which makes it super easy to see if your email campaigns are doing well.

With Campaigns’ email analytics you’ll also gain insight into where your subscribers are located and when your emails are receiving the most clicks, meaning you can time your next campaign to reel in the highest level of engagement.


Build better campaigns

Know which campaigns win the hearts of your subscribers, how many emails were successfully delivered and how many “bounced”, and then use engagement filtering to tailor your workflow.

Use Campaigns’ built-in drag-and-drop editor to test a new email design, try out different pricing or fonts, embed new gifs, or even change links to social media.

Our no-code email template builder will make sure that, whichever way you choose to go, you craft professional emails without the need to use HTML or CSS – although you can also import templates via the HTML code.

If someone unsubscribes using the link in your email campaign or moves it to their spam folder, it’ll be shown in your campaign report, too.

Create better campaigns


Integrated marketing analytics reporting

Having your sales and marketing data scattered across different software can be confusing. Campaigns by Pipedrive solves that problem by integrating your email marketing analytics with data straight from your CRM.

Use the recipient tab to see a list of subscribers who’ve received your email campaign. You can view how your subscribers are engaging with your emails, including which links they’ve clicked, so you know exactly what’s grabbing your leads’ attention.

Your contact engagement data also features on the contacts’ “Detail view”. There, you’ll see every campaign the contact has interacted with, as well as their status: subscribed, unsubscribed or bounced.

This seems like a good time to remind you that your email clients must “opt in” to email marketing to comply with GDPR regulations. If a contact unsubscribes, you need to know so you can stop sending them email campaigns.


Detailed and customizable campaign insights

Without clear visualizations of your email metrics, it’s much harder to improve your campaigns, engage your contacts and keep stakeholders informed.

Your campaign insight reports can be customized to show the data your team needs, including KPI percentages, and then shared with other decision-makers in your company.

You can see how contacts are engaging with your emails and assign activities directly from the engagement report. Your insights will help you optimize subject lines and email layouts, as well as find the perfect time to send out campaigns.

Compare your campaigns to see which are performing better and why, and then replicate that success elsewhere.

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Benefits of email analytics software

Use an email marketing report tool to:

  • Track email clicks and engagement
  • View campaign performance over time
  • Monitor email performance by location
  • Make sure emails get delivered
  • Check which contacts are engaging
  • Keep track of contact subscription status

Send email marketing campaigns that deliver unbeatable results

With personalization, it seems like I am sending the confirmation email myself to prospects. It helps us shorten the process.
NJNiks JansonsCEO, NJ Media
Having CRM and email marketing in one tool has accelerated the preparation of campaigns, as there is no extra data export/import necessary.
VPViktors PedčenkoCEO, Trainify

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