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Campaigns by Pipedrive

Email builder

Create a beautiful email in minutes

Building an email should be a simple, intuitive and quick process. It shouldn’t require HTML skills or even basic design skills – especially when you have other, more pressing tasks to tend to, like selling your product!

An email builder helps sales and marketing people create beautiful, responsive email marketing campaigns in no time with drag-and-drop blocks and carefully curated templates, designed to pique prospects’ interest and have them looking forward to your emails.

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Pipedrive’s email builder

What to look for in a drag-and-drop email builder

Here are some “musts” you should look for in an email templates builder:

  • Ease of use: Any email builder you consider should be intuitive and require no complicated onboarding or special skills.

  • A rich template selection: Sure, you can create a template from scratch, but email templates are often all you need. With a selection of templates to choose from, it’s easier to test which one works the best.

  • HTML editing: To be on the safe side, make sure you have the option to import, preview and use HTML code elements when crafting an email.

  • Compatibility with other sales and marketing tools: Working with separate tools that can’t communicate with one another is a pain. Make sure that your email builder integrates with your frequently used tools and your CRM for a seamless workflow.

  • Support: Never underestimate a 24/7 support service that can offer the best solution whenever you need it as well as share pro experience to help you build your dream campaign.

  • Ability to work with your email client: For the best email delivery, you need to send emails from your company’s custom domain, rather than having Gmail or Outlook in the address, as this can be marked as spam.

  • Subject lines and preheaders: Customize your email subject line and preheader to grab attention in the recipient’s inbox.

Templates and layouts

Choose from a range of free email templates or create beautiful custom templates on your own

Multiple content elements

Add titles, images, videos, buttons, icons, social and other elements with simple drag-and-drop functionality

Preview on different devices

See how great your email looks on mobile, tablet and desktop before you send out your campaign

No tech skills needed

No knowledge of HTML or complex tech is needed to edit content blocks in the email editor

Campaigns by Pipedrive: a powerful drag-and-drop email builder

Campaigns by Pipedrive, Pipedrive’s drag-and-drop editor, is an easy-to-use tool that helps you create professional emails and engaging content for your contacts. The email builder can be used to create email campaigns, newsletters, new emails, or responsive email templates for future use.

Video, icon, menu and social modules are all available, as well as many other commonly used elements. And, just in case you can’t find the right element, there’s an HTML block that enables you to create your own design, paste it directly into the editor and view it in preview.

Want to delve deeper into your email’s design? In the settings tab, you can find more general email design settings, like how wide the design area is going to be and choose your background color, default font and more.

At the bottom of each email, you’ll find an unsubscribe footer. This is mandatory and is not possible to remove, as it is necessary for GDPR compliance and also improves your email domain’s reputation.


Email templates builder

Campaigns by Pipedrive, Pipedrive’s email builder, comes with ready-to-use templates that enable you to create effective, beautiful emails without overthinking their design elements. All of the templates are effective and designed for maximum engagement.

You can also create your own template, a design that fits your branding guidelines or one that you know you’ll use again. Afterward, you can save it as a template and re-use it for other campaigns, making further edits if you wish.

With Pipedrive Campaigns, you can build templates as preparation before creating email campaigns, allowing you to create a library of templates for future use.

Note that all of the email templates contain an unsubscribe footer, which is essential for GDPR compliance (and your reputation as a sender) and can’t be removed.

The unsubscribe footer contains merge tags that will generate your company information automatically when you send out your email campaign. You can edit this text via the editor and save the changes.

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Benefits of using Campaigns email builder

Use an email builder tool to:

  • Create emails and email campaigns faster
  • Improve email conversion rates
  • Engage with more new and existing contacts
  • Customize existing templates or create your own
  • Maintain and ensure brand consistency
  • Access powerful ready-made templates

Send email marketing campaigns that deliver unbeatable results

With personalization, it seems like I am sending the confirmation email myself to prospects. It helps us shorten the process.
NJNiks JansonsCEO, NJ Media
Having CRM and email marketing in one tool has accelerated the preparation of campaigns, as there is no extra data export/import necessary.
VPViktors PedčenkoCEO, Trainify

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