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What’s your unique business success moment?

We’re looking for engaging stories that encourage professionals like you to succeed. We want to hear your story, not Pipedrive’s, so tell us about:

  • A defining success moment in your business journey

  • Any challenges you faced or learnings that led you to victory

  • What advice you’d give to motivate others to achieve their goals

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How to enter

  1. Write or record a short but captivating rundown of your breakthrough business moment

  2. Submit your entry using the form below

  3. If your story is one of our favorites, a member of the Pipedrive team will be in touch

What to include in your entry

You’ll get:

  • One minute to summarize your story as a video or two minutes as a voice note
  • 400 words to outline your moment in writing

Some do’s and don’ts

  • We want to hear your story, not ours, so try not to center it around Pipedrive.

  • Feel free to record your entry or put it in writing. Video entries should be under one minute, and voice note entries below two minutes. Written entries should be under 400 words and sent as Microsoft Word, Notes or PDF files or as Google Doc links. Please ensure all files are under 200MB.

  • Remember, we’ll promote the winning entries on our online channels, including our website, social media and marketing channels.

Terms and conditions

  • How do I enter the competition?
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  • How will the winners be selected?
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  • Can I submit a video that I’ve already posted on social media?
  • How will you use my submitted content?
  • How will winners be paid?

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