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Activity calendar

In sales, time is money. How you plan your days affects your bottom line and your productivity. An activity calendar helps you schedule your week and avoid that frustrating feeling of diary overload. You get a full overview of your day and week on the fly, all while adding new activities.

Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

Visualize your week

Manage your time effectively

Schedule activities and meetings

Visualize your week

The activity calendar gives you a great visual overview of your schedule so you can:

  • View your activities as a calendar or a to-do list
  • Sync your calendar with Google, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 or Exchange
  • Link activities and meetings to deals or leads so you can track your efforts
  • Mark activities as done while you’re on the go

Effective team management

As a sales manager, you can see how busy your team members are and easily spot when they have free time. You can also check calendars before assigning activities to specific team members.

Schedule meetings without the hassle

Pipedrive’s Scheduler lets you quickly and easily propose times and schedule meetings with your contacts. Start managing your time like a pro:

  • Define your weekly availability
  • Let customers pick a time slot that works for both of you
  • Avoid double-bookings and endless back-and-forths
  • Automatically create video calls with Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet

Remove scheduling stress with Automations

Do scheduling conflicts keep you up at night? Pipedrive’s Automations are here to help!

Sync your CRM updates with your favorite activity calendar apps so your entire team is kept informed. Schedule calls, meetings, projects and demos from one place and get full visibility on calendar events.

Send automated reminder notifications so everyone shows up at the right place and time.

Features to make your reps more productive

From call and meeting scheduling to task and project management, Pipedrive’s activity calendar is the ultimate productivity hack for busy salespeople

  • 1. Create custom activity types
  • 2. Set up calls at everyone’s convenience
  • 3. Streamline post-call action with Automations
  • 4. Add activities anywhere, anytime
  • 5. Level up your team management

How 360 Payments increased new accounts by 26%

360 Payments believes relationships are paramount to business, so it needed a way to take team management to the next level.

360 Payments uses the Activities and Insights features to stay up to date with what the team is working on and make sure everyone is on the same page.

“I am obsessed with the activity customization, statistics and the dashboards because the salesperson never has to send any reports, they are real time and the data is beyond accurate.”

Read the case study

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Sync with Outlook and Google Calendar

Sales reps are busy. Between meetings, sales calls, events and admin activities, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with deadlines and dates.

Pipedrive’s CRM calendar sync offers a break from the madness. Use one- or two-way sync to connect Pipedrive activities with Outlook and Google Calendar integrations. Invite prospects to phone calls, add notes to agendas and never miss an important event with real-time reminders.

Collaborate on demos and client meetings

Pipedrive is the ultimate collaboration machine for sales teams.

Managers and reps can coordinate availability before customer meetings and demos to make sure everyone is in sync. Add notes to meeting agendas and integrate with meeting and webinar tools to show up as a united team.

Integrate with your most important sales apps

Pipedrive’s powerful CRM functionality is made even better by a whole host of integrations. Streamline your time and task management with a full marketplace of time-saving tools.

Google Calendar

Keep track of all your upcoming events and avoid the risk of double-booking or missing appointments. Take advantage of one- and two-way sync with Pipedrive and Google Calendar.

Acuity Scheduling

Like your very own personal assistant, Acuity’s integration automates client bookings, cancellations, reminders and payments. Keep your client activity synced with Pipedrive’s Acuity integration.


Effortlessly organize meetings, assign activities to reps and add important notes to contacts. Automate calendar management with Pipedrive and EasyCalendar.


Eventilla is an all-in-one online and live event management tool. Create branded landing pages, forms, reports and webinars and sync them with Pipedrive and Eventilla.


Make and receive calls and text messages, then log the activity automatically. Easily turn meetings into contacts and deals right within your CRM with Pipedrive’s JustCall integration.


Deliver fast and powerful meeting agendas straight to your CRM calendar. Sync meeting notes to contacts, organizations and deals and boost collaboration with Pipedrive and Hugo.

Activity calendar FAQs

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